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Kalmeshwar, Tah Kalmeshwar, Dist Nagpur-441501

Name of the Department :- Department of History
Year of Establishment :- 1984
Name of the Programme/Course :- UG ( BA) One of the optional subjects
Annual/Semester :- Semester
Number of Teaching Post :- 01
Faculty Profile with name, :- Mr. Rajesh H Ghodeswar
Qualification, designation MA (History), BMC, NET
Student- Teacher ratio :- 123 : 01


  • To impart quality education in History.
  • To teach cause - and- effect relationship between the past and present along with the aim to bring intellectual development of the student.
  • To widen the mental horizon of the students through study of the vast knowledge that History provide of the national and international understandings and approaches.
  • To create interest in students to opt for History as a major subject in higher education.


  • As the present is the development of the past so department aims to help students to understand social, religious, political and economic condition of the past and its relation with existing present situation both at national and international level.
  • Intellectual advancement through study of the important events of History with critical approach.
  • Socializing students by identifying them with struggle and sacrifices done by the people in the past.
  • To cultivate insight and vision from the lessons of the past and for the forward look.
  • To foster patriotic feelings.
  • To impart training in citizenship by enabling the students to understand their rights as well as their duties.

Future plans:

  • To Start P.G course in History.
  • To create History heritage lab.
  • To create video bank on course based topics.
  • To visits Historical monuments, forts, etc.

Department Activity

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