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Indira Gandhi Arts & Commerce College

Kalmeshwar, Tah Kalmeshwar, Dist Nagpur-441501

This English Department was established in 1984 so as to serve the rural students. To bring these remote area students to the forefront by developing their ability.

By enriching themselves with the English language building up their communication skills and thus merge them with the mainstream.
Keeping these views, we also began English literature in 1984. At present Dr. Mis. Manjusha Y. Dhoble is serving as the head of the department since 1999.

Compulsory English

To enable the learners to use English effectively for study purpose throughout the curriculum.

We aim -

  • To develop their language skills ie. Reading, listening, speaking and writing.
  • To enhance their interest in literature and in poetry appreciation.
  • To reinforce the learned structure.
  • To heighten their awareness of correct usage of English grammar in writing and speaking.

Objective -

  • To improve their reading and inculcate in them the love of reading.
  • To enlargen their vocabulary.
  • To streng them their ability to write letters and other communication in English.
Help students achieve these objectives by focusing on their syllabus. So that they learn to present their ideas clearly and logically for the intended audience

Outcomes -

This course shall help them to paraphrase information from outside source effectively and accurately. If shall help them to summarize information for academic sources and to distinguish between main ideas and details.
We also educate the students on how to use online library databases to locate appropriate academic sources.

Vision -

Thus through the course, the student shall be able to imbibe ethical, moral, national and cultural values through various form & of literature. Thus develop their overall personality.

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